Sandro Perri, Tiny Mirrors

Most people wouldn’t want a song called “Double Suicide” to be the feel-good bossa nova hit of the summer, but most people are idiots. Most people are ignorant of the fact that the squeek-skronk-clank sounds of Toronto’s way-together improv scene (just check out have also spawned an out-pop/folk coterie of super-sexy tunes that sneak up on you and your friends who normally hate that sort of thing. Sandro Perri is definitely not “most people” and his new CD is so fine I play it at dinner parties for my wife’s friends and they later go out and buy it. It’s a pretty major shift from his previous work, but Perri’s always had a good sense of what’s pleasurable for the listener in a world of music that’s mostly for the players. (Terence Dick)

CD, Constellation Records,


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