Run With Scissors, Issue #1

It took me several tries to get through this one. Starla!’s rambling perzine gives us her takes on Vancouver (it’s stupid), moving to Halifax (it’s confusing), poor plumbing and heating (stupid, cold), work (stupid), waking up early (stupid), sleeping (“for the tired”) and cops (stupid). There are also a couple of stories about things that happened to her, as well as more semi-ironic references to being “punk rock” than I have ever seen anywhere up until now. Most of this zine is about nothing and the stories that are about something aren’t really all that interesting. Starla! could be a good writer if she had someone to edit everything, if she focused more on having a real subject to write about and if she stopped trying to be so badass. The “fuck work, fuck paying rent, fuck the cops, fuck everything” tone of this zine got old really quickly–though I did get a laugh out of the line “We’re punk anyway, none of us need to shower this week.” (Emma Healey)

Perzine, 22 pages, Starla! Blue, c/o Sharpie Fumes Collective, PO Box 31224, Halifax, NS, B3K 5Y1


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