Riot Grrrl Online

This Grrrl’s community site is longwinded in explaining what it’s about, and short on actual content. It has some neat features like a map of the world with registered members pinpointed on it, and a pretty decent message board. There is an amusing section with celebrity quotes about Riot Grrrl culture, mostly from the mid- 90s–remember when Angelina Jolie was still getting scary tattoos instead of saving African babies? The site has some articles about Riot Grrrl and Boi issues, and a few awkward but amusing rants, such as one about “punk rock love.” The founder really sums it up, though: “This site is not for people that aren’t into the riot grrrl movement.” If the combat boot fits and you want more, check out founder Greta’s blog (she’s looking for contributors) athttp://grrrlvox. (Jennifer Fabro) However, to find the greatest mod I had to look elsewhere. I had to look at a point where taxidermy and case-modding collide. ‘Compubeaver’ is, as far as I can tell, the first computer to be built inside an actual corpse of a beaver. As strange as this is, I have to admit it’s technically impressive — and poignantly Canadian. (James King)


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