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Zine, Joseph Carlough, 6 Farmhaven Ave, Edison, NJ, 08820, USA,, $4 + postage

Initially I thought this was going to be  a straightforward review of  12 records,  mostly by musician David Bazan and his  band Pedro the Lion. But each record  Joseph adds to his collection serves as  a launching point to relate personal  stories from his post-college years.  I’m not one for music reviews, but the  many heartfelt, rambling snippets from  Joseph’s life filled the pages and slowly drew me in.  He talks about going to see David  Bazan play at an intimate show, and a  brush with a libertine student. If you  enjoy record collecting or reminiscing  about the moments and music that  intersect in your life, you’ll enjoy this.  (Rodney Dickinson)


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