Prevailing Nonsense

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Prevailing Nonsense

With a sense of humour as black as coffee, the folks behind Prevailing Nonsense have really outdone themselves with is­sue number three. A collection of writ­ing, doodles, and scoured excerpts, this zine will likely elicit both chuckles and squirms in its readership. Its most vile offender is a deliciously odious guide to removing one’s own eyeball. “The trick here is to get the spoon under your eye­lid, but over your eyeball,” it instructs. Accompanying illustrations help drive the point home. There are political overtones here, with cynical nods to en­vironmentalism (Earth hunched against the wall, self-inflicted bullet wound in head), anti-corporate frustration (a dead CEO in a mousetrap rigged with–what else?–cash), and the doldrums of mod­ern materialism. This zine might have been better without the political preach­ing, which often lapses into triteness, but its provocatively sinister humour shines through regardless. (Michael Tau)

Zine, Issue 3,


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