Zine Review:


Like many zinesters (although the numbers appears to be dwindling), I have long thought of Xerox art as a valuable creative outlet. As colour printing and assorted glossies have risen in prominence on the zine scene, it’s becoming increasingly rare to encounter serious black and white copy art outside of the comic genre. Cheers to Andy, then for taking the road less travelled. Pictures can be conceptualized as a relatively typical culture jam as far as content goes, but it is the way in which he conveys his message that makes this 8 x 11.5″ wonder such a treat. Immensely detailed works of pen art depict the travesties of consumerism and capitalism. One such work communicates the tyranny of coffee (“a warm cup of productivity,” anyone?) in the context of an inescapable labyrinth of office cubicles. Other images target psychopharmacological escapism and urban sprawl. Although the messages are nothing new, Andy employs a unique artistic methodology in these compositions, and hence Pictures is a joy to peruse. Doodles these ain’t. (Michael Tau)

comic, Andy,, PO Box 2454, Amherst, MA, 01004, USA



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