Petrol & Peyote

The zine is mostly music and politics, separately and together. For instance, “This is not Rollins’ Day” has a bit of both in it. So does the interview with Sloan. There’s also the cut and paste pages that focus on cops. And the review of The Porch Climbers show at Lee’s Palace. Quadrophenia gets another look. And then there’s fiction here and there and a rant or two we haven’t mentioned, like the one that starts with “it’s obvious to me that in a world where Green Day is being sold to us as punk…” The design is good too, with very readable fonts and interesting illustrations.

issue 1, 38 pages / no known publisher / main creators: Lisa D., Frank D. and Ingrid D. / $1 / 1396 Greendale Terrace, Oakville, ON, L6M 1W5


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