Penelope and Abacus

My texture craving fingertips appreciated the pink sunglasses and suave top hat glued to the front cover, plus they look cute, so thanks. Also I just love the name Penelope, my mom called me that when I was little. And this Penelope dresses sorta boyish for a girl, which is also nice. But enough about me and what I like, oh but one other thing, I really like Colleen’s comic illustrations. And her affection for llamas. I fell for a llama New Year’s Eve 2005. I swear we had a soul connection, and no there was no drugs or bestiality involved, but my boyfriend at the time did want to convert to llamaism to win me back. But Abacus who has a crush on Penelope is smarter than that, cause he’s a scientist. He figures out the scientific equation for love. I won’t spoil the ending by giving you his formula; let’s just say it’s a happily ever after kinda comic. Sigh (heze douglas)


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