Off With Their Heads, All Things

So, Off With Their Heads are this punk band from Minneapolis. My only recollection of that whole geographical area is from quite a few years back. My dad was working near Thunder Bay, Ontario for a while, and staying in some hotel called the Red Dog Inn. I remember this because he gave me a sweet shiny red pen from the hotel at some point. Anyway, he bombed around in that area for a while, hanging with the locals. He had this friend George who was a Native dude who liked to get naked and shoot off his gun in a gravel pit. Pretty bonkers stuff.

Regardless, my Dad had my Mom and I come out to visit for a while, and we ended up taking a bit of a trip down through Minnesota. As I recall, Minneapolis has a huge mall that has skating rinks, bowling alleys and (most likely even) crack dens in it. We ended up hanging out there for a while. That day, I drank more coca-cola than I ever had in my life. I’m talking like five or six litres probably. I guess my system was accustomed to Canada Coke, because that American Coke really fucked with my insides. We spent the whole ride home in a cloud of shitty fart stank.

That being said, I think Off With Their Heads have released a remarkable record, regardless of its fart-spun origins. (Aaron Zorgel)


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