No Means No – All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt

These guys are old in the way we all aspire to grow: they never embarrassed themselves, they rode out fashion and they can still stick in to the kids young enough to be their children. Where’s their star on the Canadian Walk of Fame?, you might ask. Good question. What’s the new album like? Another good question. One aspect of being elder statesmen is that your fans fixate on their initial moment of passionate exposure to your wonderfulness. For me, that’s around Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed. All …Ausfahrt makes me want to do is go listen to that record. That’s another consequence of growing old: you’re stuck with your past and you might just be past your prime. But what can you do? If you’re No Means No, you don’t even worry about it, you’re too busy doing what you do so well. (Terence Dick)

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