Nate Relocates

There is the traditional photo album; the angst-ridden diary entries of high school days; the damned family movies. Granted, all are good methods for preserving the days of yore, but artistic merit is completely squandered. This was likely the reason why Nathan decided to tell his life story through a zine. This first issue covers Nate’s birth up to his days in college, yet reality is totally distorted: Nate has only three fingers and a corn kernel once grew after getting stuck in his ear. Now how’s that for an autobiography? Despite the elementary drawings, the story really makes this zine strangely endearing. It calls attention to the minute details in daily life that homogenize our experiences; the references to K-Mart, teenage partying and O.J. Simpson make it humorous and familiar to any reader. (Amy Greenwood)

Nathan PO Box 51245 Pacific Grove, CA 93950


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