Mr. Plow, Chairman Plow’s Little Red Book

Short, crass, acoustic punk songs that take on the annoying little details of everyday life. The music partakes of the grotty skinhead-style, rather than the pop punk crap ruling the airwaves. That’s not to say this is any better than the contemporary soft-punk musical styles Mr. Plow pisses on in “Emo” or on “Skinhead’s” (sic), just different. MSN, Geeks, and the washed up TV actor Ted McGinley all come under attack. And some of the numbers are pretty funny. And some of Mr. Plow’s pals contribute interesting musical elements like organ solos and Celtic fiddle breakdowns. But anyone who devotes a whole song to the king of “jump the shark” television has no right to go ranking on geeks who play D&D and Star Trek fans for being preoccupied by trivial things. (Erik Weissengruber)

CD, Crusty Records,


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