Mother Verse: A Journal of Contemporary Motherhood


This is a collection of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, history, photography and humor that “examines the intricate nature of motherhood” throughout time and space. The editors of this zine recognize motherhood has a global dialogue, and this is represented through the diversity of its contributors. I particularly enjoyed Betel Nut Beauty by Eugenia Chao, Blood by Terri Kent Enborg, and Pain by Suzanne Kamata. In fact, this zine is packed with good stuff, and it’s a substantial read, not a five-minute whip-through. The editors have a community approach to resources, activism, parenting and other supportive endeavors. And they care about the environment too: they only print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using recycled toner. Sometimes moms just really kick ass! (heze douglas)

Anthology zine, edited by Melanie Mayo-Laakso, #3, $3.50, 50 pgs,,


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