Monstress Robozine

Zine Review:

Monstress Robozine

Monstress has a silver cover that depicts a young woman in a bout of knitting whilst a group of oppressive sci-fi robots with nasty pincers are sidling up behind her. So it’s cozy. I enjoyed “Mr. Evilton’s Robots.” He’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder as he begins his day. “Using my patented combination of diabolism and radium…I will revenge myself with my army of mechanical men.” Ah, if only life were actually that easy. There are some fun advice column type entries called “Ask Wiremother” which offer robotic answers to questions about love and planning dinner parties. And it even comes with a bonus Robot Haiku. This is a great geeky zine. You can even learn to count in binary! (Nathaniel G. Moore)

$3, by Una Crow, 135 Delaware Avenue, Toronto, ON M6H 2T2,



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