Mok Up

chapbook, Donna Akrey, $14,775 Pape Ave., Toronto, ON, M4K3T2

In publishing lexicon, a mock up is a dummy version, a sample put together to show potential advertisers and investors what the product is going to look like. Donna Akrey’s impressive handmade zine/chapbook/art object Mok Up plays on that sense of impermeable supplication, offering up a thick, beautifully printed book of cartoon scribbles and prose cut-outs that makes up the mock up as it goes along. Akrey’s characters are trapped in a “cynical daze” of “duct taping voices” where toon-esque blenders and smiling pen scratched doodles come together in fleeting moments, elegies to the impossibility of permanence. A styling, irreverent and fascinating work. (HN)


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