Minibloc, carton-micro-recreation

A huge beef I have with noise music: why can’t anyone make any that goes anywhere at all? Minibloc are at their best when some sort of almost rhythmic structure happens; there are some incredibly cohesive moments, but these always seem to peter out into a muddled mess. And I want to like this more than I do; there are some really cool sounds on here. It’s just that none of it relates back to itself in any satisfying or unsatisfying way. It feels like a collection of “CRUNCH! Hiss, hiss, squeak… imperceptible crunch… click, rumble, chugchugchug hisssss. Inaudible conversation… hissss… CRUNCH!” That said, I expect great things from these characters if they get into graphs or flowcharts. (Matt Collins)

CD, le-son666


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