Mike Evin, Let’s Slow It Down

If you’re happily single at the moment, you should avoid listening to Mike Evin’s new release. His romantic musings on the mundane aspects of everyday life will definitely leave you dissatisfied with doing things all by your lonesome. Never mind that in real life, the worst fights we often have with partners revolve around toilet seats, dirty dishes and unmade beds. In Evin’s world, the often divisive issue of labour division is transformed into the stuff of coupled bliss. The sugar-spun production by Don Kerr certainly helps carry off this domestic fantasy, employing a crew of Toronto’s heaviest musical hitters (i.e. Kurt Swinghammer, Jason Mercer) to shape Evin’s piano-driven musings into pure, sweet soft pop. For those in love (or those who want to pretend for a little while.) (KB)

CD, www.mikeevin.com, www.myspace.com/mikeevin


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