Mercy Seat

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Mercy Seat

Gord Cummings bares his soul to all in Mercy Seat #2, and as far as insecure, self-loathing comic books go, this is pretty potent stuff. While Cummings scripts all of this book’s comics, a variety of authors are charged with illustration duties, which makes for a surprisingly eclectic work. Whether it’s the realism of Richard Barkman and Dan Schneider or the goofiness of Rudi and Vince Smith, it is clear each artist brings their own style to the forefront, and that helps make Mercy Seat an engaging read. Cummings’ own drawings, meanwhile, make “Live by your Death” the book’s most visually stunning work. Story-wise, the most structured piece (“Selling Out …. Is Easy”) is the most successful, while angsty “Insecure” might be too much personal crisis for most mature audiences. As it stands, Mercy Seat is a compelling indie comic book that showcases a wealth of illustrative talent–not bad at all. (Michael Tau)

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