Mean Zine Submarine

If you were five years old and you made a zine, what would it look like? Probably something like the Mean Zine Submarine, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to expound the life of a five-year-old kid who lives in Ohio. The orange cover is decorated with stickers, a linoleum print and childish penmanship, while the inside is dedicated to Herbie’s short stories and doodles. One short story is called Fishy with a Book: “One day a fish read a book about Captain Hook. But it was a flower book too (but with Captain Hook in it). Until an anchor came down and hooked up the book. It was Captain Hook. (I think he wants to read the book.) It’s kind of cute, but its charm is momentary – I’d overlook any subsequent releases from this little zinester. (Amy Greenwood)

YOPSE Christoph Meyer P.O. Box 106 Danville, OH 43014


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