Matt Vinyl

Reading Matt Vinyl’s blog gave me a much-needed burst of excitement about my next record store scavenger hunt. Dubbed, “the musical and miscellaneous meanderings of a man,” this blog documents Matt’s most exciting vinyl finds, shows he’s seen, and a decent dose of enthusiasm for old music equipment (his discovery of a Yamaha QY10 bears the header “Back to the Future”). This is High Fidelity in real time and Matt doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to rhyming off his latest musical activities. “I was anxious all day,” he writes. “My hands were sweaty and my mouth was dry. I had to meet her in an amusement arcade on Dorset St here in Dublin City. It was going to be love at first sight. She was a 1970s Rock-Ola 50 disc jukebox.” He says it’s love at first sight. I say it’s pure pop perfection that speaks for us analog geeks everywhere. (Liz Worth)


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