Man with Broken Leg

Anthony Gerace said he crafted this zine “while I was beginning to lose it (again),” and yet, everything looks so perfectly composed and pristine. There are 4 a.m. typewritten rants (“I went there with my friend and I thought you were pretty. The stereo was high and we were hanging in the kitchen–someone said lets take a picture so the four of us took a picture. We pretended to be zombies.”). And there are blueprints of his fantasy home, where it looks as if amps are each larger than the washroom itself. But the best is how Gerace takes quotes from comic books and flanks them with 1950s advertisements, peppered like rain with his coin collection plunked on a photocopier. (Nadja Sayej)

zine, Anthony Gerace, issue 9, $4, 567 Avenue Road, Apt. 105, Toronto, ON, M4V 2K1


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