Madge’s Mini Comix

Zine Review:

Madge’s Mini Comix

When it comes to Madge’s Mini Comix, think Bazooka Joe but supersized and presented in full colour for your reading pleasure!

Printed on heavy-stock, 8 x 11 paper, each comic throws some random character into a 7-panel predicament meant to give you a chuckle.

You might not even have to read the strips as the doodles themselves are pretty funny. Extremely elementary, they look like MS Paint at the mercy of a grade schooler, with a smattering of pencil crayon added in here and there.

Ultimately, Madge’s Mini Comix possesses a charming artistic flare and evoke the artist’s passion for comic making. Whether a reader is willing to fork over a toonie per page, however, is sketchy. But a cute read nevertheless. (Amy Greenwood)

Comic, Madeleine Colleran, $2,



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