Loserdom #19

zine review:

Loserdom #19

This Irish DIY punk zine’s continuing suc­cess is likely a product of its creators’ tireless cheer, as well as their ability to join together seemingly unrelated topics nat­urally. Loserdom #19 is no exception, ef­fortlessly tying together topics as diverse as Anto’s trip to Vancouver, issues of im­migrant populations in Ireland, how foxes have adapted to urban environments, bike gear and the Galway punk scene. Loserdom’s best quality, however, is its voice: Anto and Eugene write to their audience as trusted friends, rather than faceless readers. Read­ing of Anto’s exploration of East Hastings, the unfortunate cycling injury of his host, and his experience of being a best man at a friend’s wedding, one feels as if they’re reading the letter of an adventurous cohort. Loserdom’s mix-and-match of text, comics and photos further brings out its charming personality–a friendly, smart ode to DIY culture. (Clara Lavery)

zine, Anto and Eugene, 3 Crestfield, Youghol, Co. Cork Ireland, loserdomzine@gmail.com


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