Leper Collective/Flesh for Frank, Of Toasters and Burnt Toasts/Computer Generated Shit Noise Attack

More wicked demented stuff from Francois Marceau, supergenius. I literally never know what this maniac is going to do to my ears next. On the Flesh for Frank disc, we get the sounds of what appears to be every component of a computer simultaneously erroring in defiance of the user. Sort of like what TRON would really be like. As well, the disc contains a lecture explaining what he is doing and why. Shouldn’t all noise artists be so accommodating? And on the Leper Collective disc, Marceau teams up with Florida’s Maim Patterson to give us sixteen traumatic and claustrophobic duets that could change a cat’s mood in seconds. I want Francois Marceau CDs in my mailbox forever. (Matt Collins)


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