le Nombre, Scénario Catastrophe

Neck not getting the workout it used to? Then check out Montreal’s le Nombre, a hardworking and hard-rocking quintet who’ll get you back into fighting trim. Produced by bearded rock superstar, Ian Blurton (C’mon, Blurtonia), le Nombre have a vicious twin-guitar attack that will leave any listener sweaty and awestruck by album’s end. There seems an unlimited list of superlatives I could tack on to this review’s shaking frame: bruising, blistering, bone-rattling, mind-blowing, combustible, crushing, primal, fist-pumping, feral. But I find that I am diverting your attention from what is really important. Leave your house now. Go to your local record store. Buy this album. Play at a numbingly high volume. Bang your head until your neck snaps. Blame the injury on the new pillows your mother bought you for Christmas. Feel very guilty–and very alive! (Karyn Bonham)

CD, www.lenombre.ca


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