Kung Fu Grip!

Kung fu Grip is an ass-kicking, wild ride of a zine full of great history, great stories and great images! Bam! Chop! I feel bad that I had no idea about the rich history of Kung-fu in North America. I knew nothing of its characters, its stories, its hilarity. But Kung Fu Grip brings so much of all of that, and much more. The folks behind the zine, the Metropol Media Complex, combine wicked graffiti shots with kung-fu related toys with a story on the inimitable Count Dante (you have to read about this dude) with a tremendous personal story about growing up in Chicago with– with so much more. A fantastic zine, a definite must have. (Jon Pressick)

7730 E. Broadway #925 Tucson, AZ 85710


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