Kick It Over

If you’re at all inclined to resist forms of hierarchy and power and are seeking other perspectives on how to live, order a sample copy because I’ll never finish reading this whole, huge, dense, articulate, well researched anarchist magazine in time to write the kind of review that it deserves. Here are some of the article titles: “Radical Agriculture”, “Permaculture: Focus on the Future”, “Land Trusts: Land Held in Common”, “A Canadian Dyke in the Deep South” to literally name but a few and regular columns like “Paths to Social Change” and “World Without Borders”. Also, if you want the whole story of the McLibel Case, it’s here. If you were at all worried that you were alone in your views… there’s plenty of company here.

magazine / Publisher: Kick It Over / Main creator: bob melcombe (editor) & many others / $3 / PO Box 5811, Station A, Toronto, Ont. M5W 1P2


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