Key Lime Pie

Easily my favourite short of the Toronto After Dark festival, Key Lime Pie is an amazing dark little animated noir about a man’s deathly obsession with Key Lime Pie. Summoning the soul of Raymond Chandler, we’re introduced to Mitch–a large, fedora-clad tough pressed from every film noir mould you can think of. Mitch’s dilemma is a slice of his favourite weakness presented to him by the one and only Death (complete with Tommy-Gun scythe!). Trevor Jimenez’s wild, exaggerated character seems to swell and consume the frame with every hardboiled line of dialogue spoken in ode to his key lime pie. Delivered by Mitch’s raspy, ash-burned voice, his fateful sweet-tooth appears all the more convincing as his craving seems buried in every crevice of his body. Jimenez achieves in three-and-a-half minutes what some neo-noirs fail to do in hours–great, great film. (James King)

Dir. Trevor Jimenez


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