Jesus the Non-denominational Robot no 1

Turning Jesus into a robot who finds himself in an alley with a dead hooker, and then making some inside reference about a girl in a record store… I just can’t make sense of it. WWRJD? Maybe steal this zine and donate the entire price (three bucks) to the Anarchist Black Cross Warchest instead of the $1 that would be donated through its sale. I guess I’m not really sure what he’d do, because all I know according to this zine is that Robot Jesus hates Opera, but loves Iraq.

Screen-printed illustrations or not, if you’re gonna be blasphemous, you gotta do it right. You gotta go all the way or it’s not worth it. You gotta steal that jewel-encrusted Jesus from the Vatican and melt it down into a cock ring or something. I don’t detect a 100% commitment here. (Claudia Calabro)

comic zine, Ryan Sotomyer / enchantment under the stars, PO Box 35056, Juneau AK, 99803, USA, $3 or trade


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