Indy Mum ‘Zine

Indy Mum brings us a small, nine-page zine about health, the environment and children. It opens with a suggestion of a 3-10 day body cleanse, a page on viruses/bacteria and advice on avoiding sickness. There are a couple of comics in the middle, one being a poetic strip about the Fall dedicated to her son Fin and some reviews for children’s products. Closing with a rant at the end about caring for the earth, a back page where you can teach your child the alphabet and ways to recycle the zine once you are finished, it’s a great $2 tool for any mom or dad out there.

Indy mum has a big heart and attempts to help others without being a pushy, propaganda spreading annoyance; it’s refreshing. (Robert Lines)

zine, Flavia Lytle, $2, 902-279-1018,


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