Immaculate Machine – Ones and Zeros

Okay, I admit it. I like this album. I like it a lot. It makes me want to do crazy things, like ride my bicycle down one-way streets with my arms stretched out like the wings of an aeroplane. Or give the finger to people who piss me off instead of saying things like “No, really, I am fine.” Immaculate Machine’s line-up of Brooke Gallupe (guitar, vocals), Kathryn Calder (keyboards, vocals), and Luke Kozlowski (drums, vocals) make a perfect power-pop trio, their songs fit to burst with all manner of articulated anger, desire, and cautious optimism. It’s really hard to pick favourite songs here; each one seems to build on the back of the other, the band’s close harmonies and nimble playing continually driving things ahead. Just pick it up. Play it. Try to have hope! (Karyn Bonham)

CD, Mint Records,,


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