I Am Not a TV!

zine review:

I Am Not a TV!

I AM NOT A TV! is a well designed poetry zine. The writing is good; Thompson has a consistent voice that is a little mocking, a little sarcastic and cheeky. The subject matter of the poems ranges from Obama and cat-killed squirrels to seem­ingly fictional stories. The best poems in the collection made me feel like I was watching from over the narrator’s shoul­der. Thompson shows real strength in his character writing; his poems might serve as intriguing, miniature character sketch­es. One poem called “separation of church and page” reveals something of Thomp­son’s personality in his writing: “board my little raft, / and I’ll paddle you to a place / where all the banned books / are gathered together around fires, / laughing at you.” If you’re looking for some bold, cheeky poetry with intelligent and varied subject matter then I AM NOT A TV! might be it. (Grace Evans)

Poetry zine, Matthew Baker Thompson, matthewbakerthompson@gmail.com, lolmbt.com


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