Home (i)

The first thing that stands out with Home (i) is its cute little 5cm x 7cm format. Packaged under a simple cover design on orange paper, it really has the feeling of a small storybook. There is no real story, save a stream of consciousness style verse accompanied by very nicely done line art. It’s reminiscent of the mini books that Joe Ollman used to produce, especially in the illustration. There’s no indication as to cost or how to order on the book itself, but check the website listed above or contact the creators at: colleen@radarfriends.net and cada.herida@gmail.com. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more from these two in the near future. (Matthew Daley)

Mini Book, Lara De Beyer and Colleen MacIsaac. 14 pg, http://artichoke.evilsmile.net


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