Hinterland – The Picture Plane

Blondie fans rejoice! Hinterland and its charismatic lead singer, Michaela Galloway, have arrived to shake you from your long slumber. This is haunting, razor-edged dance music directed at people who like to think whilst getting down. Beginning with the numbing electro-beat of opener Sirens, Hinterland set a furious pace, charming and disarming with ever-sharpening guitar licks, otherworldly vocal pyrotechnics, and the frozen paranoia of swirling eighties-style synthesizer. Other stand-out tracks include the cold, sneering Inside-Outside and the slow, searing rage of Dangerous Things. Take a deep breath, put on your best black jeans and pointy boots, and prepare to delve into the emotional wreck that awaits. Your frustrated, yearning soul will not be disappointed. (Karyn Bonham)

CD, Submerged Records, www.hinterland.bc.ca


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