Heist Slam Brigade

Heist Slam Brigade is a slowly dying hardcore punk rock ezine based out of Berg, Belgium. There hasn’t been a news update since last October or perhaps any news in Belgium worth posting since last October. There are no upcoming shows posted and there hasn’t been a review or an insightful interview in almost a year. The show pictures posted…are of bands that have broken up. While the site is written in English there are bits of Dutch here and there making the site somewhat interesting for those of us who only are able to rock in English. Slam Brigade has a huge message board but it also hasn’t seen any major activity in about six months. When you go to the contact page you discover why the board is dying: MySpace. The first comment on their MySpace page is dated about the same time the old ezine started to deteriorate. (Josh Price)

slambrigade.be/home.php, http://www.myspace.com/twanne


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