Hate Song

Vile, just absolutely vile. Yet I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off through the three issues of this web comic collection. Hate Song pokes fun at white trash types in a manner similar to Trailer Park Boys or Fubar, coupled with surreal absurdity that often takes it into more disturbing realms. Witness tales of mail order child brides, psychic blowjobs, bowel movement obsessed “scientists”, scat porn, Goth snipers and creepy weirdoes galore. It’s certainly not comics as literature or art, and it may offend a fair amount of people, but into everybody’s life a little bit of nasty humour shall fall. Check out new strips at the website where you can order the books as well as potential products of the issue, which are 1″ pins made to look like main character Orest’s diminutive nipples. Wear them with pride and live the rock. (Matthew Daley)

Minicomic, Fred Grisolm. $3, 24 pgs, www.hatesong.com


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