zine review:


Halves is a quarter-sized series of illustrations by Toronto-based illustrator Matt Hammill. Featuring cute, clever, depictions of “halves” of things, Hammill plays with pictures the way a poet might write a limerick or pun: his style is dry, witty and not without a certain element of the bizarre. With titles like “half­ass” (depicting half of a donkey, fearfully re­treating from a furious-looking cowboy) and “half-baked” (Hansel and Gretel sit in de­lighted culinary wait as the witch’s limbs flail from the oven), Hammill’s illustrations are rendered in simple black-and-white and pro­vide a delicious visual snack. (Clara Lavery)

Comic zine, Matt Hammill, matt@matthammill.com, matthammill.comc


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