Good World

Whoa. Yeah, umm. It is not often that I am pretty much flabbergasted by a zine. I mean, I’ve seen shocking, I’ve seen horrid, I’ve seen lots of good stuff. I’m not sure where Good World falls, but I do know that besides being a fairly slick presentation, Good World is far from good. Dude, what are you doing? I wonder if this is a bit of an exaggeration, given that this is issue zero, seemingly a trial run? Well, you might wanna go to a different route. The humour is beyond immature, not funny, and downright offensive. And offensive not in an ironic, intellectual…or any sort of way. Just plain dumb. When putting together a new magazine, it is far better to wait until you actually have content than to try to fill in gaps yourself. Unless you’re one mother of a talent, it isn’t going to work. It isn’t going to be good. (Jon Pressick)

Zine, Gregory P. Marinaccio/Good World Magazine, Issue Zero, 113 St. Marks Place, New York City, NY, 10009, U.S.A.,


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