Glitzine is an enthusiastically run ezine devoted to glam and punk culture. Glitzine describes itself as “A Glitter Punk Pop Magazine,” that is a “shock rock treatment against everyday boredom, fighting for flair and flamboyance” since its creation in 1997. Glitzine is decidedly less grandiose than its blurbs, but it has some interesting content from its contributors who hail mainly from the UK. There is a huge section of CD reviews, that runs the gamut from the established to the very obscure, like European bands named things like “Zitter,” and a Features section with interviews, show reviews, and suchlike. Also interesting is a Top 50 feature, where the best records “of all time” are selected monthly, and then debated on Glitzinet, the site’s community message board. Overall, Glitzine is a fun little ezine, with a laid-back, unpretentious feel about it. (Jennifer Fabro)


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