Ghost Pine #10: Wires

This zine is divided up into a lot of sections and subsections, but I’m guessing that the first section, “Bildungsroman,” is fiction, or at least more fictional than the last two, “Oral History” and “Space.” The first section has two stories–the first is a dialogue between the author, age 24, and himself (or a kid who reminds him of himself) at 16. The second one is part of a story about a punk rock kid in high school. I liked these stories–they captured a lot of the complex outsider-y feelings of high school pretty well–but something about the dialogue in each of them seemed clichéd and one-dimensional. This is weird, given that the one-page story in “Oral History” is almost entirely dialogue, and manages to be realistic as well as really funny. “Spacing” is great too, giving us two intimate, interesting, true stories. (Emma Healey)

Zine, $3, Jeff Miller, PO Box 42017, RPO Jeanne Mance, Montreal, QC, H2W 2T3


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