Funny Forest

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Funny Forest

Funny Forest is the kind of adorable comic I would read in my Grandmother’s sunroom when I was a kid. It’s got the feeling of one of those mini comics snuck into a Betty and Veronica digest that you wish didn’t end after a page or two.

Funny Forest is the story of Pokey, an adorable fuzzy creature of no decipherable species, Coati Bill the coyote and Mr. Know-it Owl and the quirky adventures they embark upon in their forest. One of these adventures involves finding an ancient Egyptian burial chamber while on a picnic… in Canada. In another Mr. Know-It Owl tackles the tedious Global Warming issue.

I’m not sure if it was a printing error or intentional, but there are some frames where the dialogue is printed several times over itself in a jumbled mess, and you have to squint to figure out what on earth it’s trying to say. Overall, an entertaining read. (Samantha Trees)


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