Funkservice International – A Post Modern Life

Unless you’re a former hair stylist who got his start singing doo-wop on the streets of Detroit, there’s no excuse for using the word “funk” in the name of your band. Have you ever heard of Punkscene Regulars? DJ Oh-Oh and the Techno-nos? Indie Rock Weenie Boat? No? Why? Because they’re lame names. Anyway, A Post Modern Life (also a lame name unless you’re a dandyish raconteur being both Modernist and ironic) is mellow, slightly funky, lounge jazz with flute solos and an ingĂ©nue singing sweet nothings (put an emphasis on the nothings) with all the vim and vigor of an airport bar band (if they even have such a thing anymore). Alas, there was a time when funk meant something dirty, not antiseptic; leave it to a couple of Swedes to cock up the translation. (Terence Dick)

CD, Aporia Records Inc., PO Box 996, Stn. F, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2N9,


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