Freak Show

Never mind about the title, there’s no chicken lip piercing or gumby necrophilia in here. Edd says he was going to change the title to “The Good Shit” but instead will use that as a subtitle. What is in here is music a go go — reviews, interviews, band ‘news’, stray quotes and facts nothing necessarily in that order. You’ll find no techno in here. You will find interviews with NoFX, Railroad Jerk, Willie Nelson and Ween. You’ll also find out that: there are 9 Official members of the Rin Tin Tin fan club, mosquitos have teeth and that Eric McMicheals said “If I met myself, I’d think I was such a loser. For sure.” The writing is funny and intelligent and Edd is an earnest music fan — more stuff about what’s going on in Regina might just make this “The Great Shit”.

zine / main creator: Edd / $1.50 plus post / PO Box 36002, Regina, SK, S4S 7H6


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