Five Simple Steps to Greater Joy In This World of Sorrow

I’m a complete mark for pretty zines. And this is one of the most nicely crafted zines I’ve seen. Clean, subtle design, very readable with some nice touches, especially the security seal on the back. But then there’s the content…ummm… One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received was when I was doing a performance wherein I mock a certain black-clad subculture, with members of that subculture being my usual audience. So, one time, this guy comes up to me and says “Were you serious? I mean, I wanted to laugh, but I thought maybe you were serious.” In other words, I did so fucking well I could have passed my comedy off as serious and people would have been confused. This is the same great idea that makes up Five Simple Steps. The writing is subtle but wicked, such a scathing mocking of self- help…but if you were to give it to the wrong person, I could see it being taken as literal self-help. And that makes this zine golden! (Jon Pressick)

P.O. Box 4942 Austin, TX 78765


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