Feu Thérèse, Ça Va Cogner

Stuart Berman of eye magazine made me go back and listen to this again. I had initially dismissed it as an egregious error on Constellation Records’ behalf (maybe because they’re friends with the guys in the band and they released their last record and felt they owed this one to them?) because it sounded so cheeseball and Europoppy and, dare I say it, French (and not in a good way). I didn’t get it. But after reading Berman’s glowing review of said disc, I went back to it and had a change of heart similar to the one I’d had years ago with another Constellation artist–Frankie Sparo. His recordings took a good number of tries to reveal their full appeal and Feu Thérèse rewards the same effort. Now I get the Talking Heads references, I hear the psychedelic touches, the electroacoustic mindfuckery and the instrumental swirls. I get it. You should too. (Terence Dick)


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