Femme Generation – Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode

In order to inure myself from outside influences for my critical endeavours, I do my best to open my ears extra wide for unknown, awkward, uncool, uncouth recordings and listen with extra scepticism to the latest hyped band of Joe Cool hipsters. Femme Generation would fall into the later camp what with all the attention they garner in this part of town, so of course I was ready to dismiss them after one listen. But I’ve been procrastinating on my review writing and ended up listening to this disk a couple times. Each time I heard new things, things that forced me to change my assumptions. To re-evaluate. And now, on this most recent listening session, I’m ready to receive. I’m as caffeinated as I should be for this type of punk-funk-party music and-though it’s sounding a bit too much like Franz Ferdinand right this very minute-I’ll have to admit I’m hooked. Believe the hype. (Terence Dick)

CD, Permafrost Records, www.permafrostrecords.com


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