Felt Me, Issue One–Wool Gathering or My Adventures with Felt

If you had told me before I read Felt Me by Nancy Johnston that I could get excited about felt, I would have smacked you. What? You would have deserved it. But Johnston’s little zine about her passion for felt is suffused with sly humour and unabashed enthusiasm for her topic, and she will draw you in. I don’t think I had ever before felt a burning desire to visit the Toronto Textile Museum, but now I know I will be going the next time I’m downtown. Does Johnston practice witchcraft? Maybe. My only qualm with recommending this, before I go back to hiding from Johnston under a tin hat, is that it really could have used some editing. Some parts are so awkwardly worded that they are almost unintelligible. This might make you trip over the text occasionally, but the effect created by Johnston’s sorcery will be the same. Whether this is a warning or a promise is really up to you. (J. Blackmore)

Craft Zine, Nancy Johnston, plumrosevelvet@yahoo.ca, $5


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