Fat, Fifty, and Punk

Fat, Fifty and Punk is comprised of Hryshko’s photographs of punk legends (Iggy Pop, Joe Strummer, Henry Rollins, etc.) in their middle years. A charming look at some of the genre’s most important and notorious characters, this zine is a quick read but a pleasant one. My favourite photo is that of David Johansson (New York Dolls) snoozing on a couch in a Holiday Inn lobby. This zine’s best asset is that it intersperses wilder, “punker” images (i.e. Duane Peters giving the camera a drunken middle finger) with gentler, more “mature” portraits. Fat, Fifty and Punk is black-and-white, but what’s punk and what isn’t doesn’t have to be. (Michael Tau)

zine, Alexander Hryshko, noisephotography.com


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