Farming Uncle Holistic ‘Zine

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Farming Uncle Holistic ‘Zine

I don’t know what this is. Seriously, can someone out there tell me what Farming Uncle Holistic ‘Zine is? It claims to have a 42-year history, and it looks like a cross between the classified ads and a farmer’s almanac. It might be both, or neither. Toro, the creator, makes an appearance every page or so, inserting a postage stamp sized block of text, each of which seems to be a random thought. These interjections are so garbled that their inherent offensiveness becomes comic. Perhaps this is intentional? It’s really difficult to say. I think I needed a cheat sheet to review this one properly. (J. Blackmore)

Zine, Toro, Box 427 Bronx, NY 10458, USA, $3


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