Even Noisy Sparrows #4: A Collection of Haiku and Tanka.

This is a small pamphlet sized zine of Tanka and Haiku. Rob, the writer of these poems, “waits and watches” to find beauty in anything that passes. He does this in order to maintain his hope that this world is worth living in. The pieces range from blatant observations to well phrased observations to beautiful poems, but none hit you over the head like a haiku ought to, though I am sure there are more to come that might. For the price of postage I would send away for this zine and keep my favourite poems in my pocket or stuffed away somewhere for inspiration. This zine inspires you to look at everything, to question its beauty, its inspiration or just its poetic signature. My favourite: Tearful Atlantic, turbulant, inhales, leaving oysters on the shore. (Chasen Gillies)



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